About Us

Big Little Bamboo is a small family run business based in Hampshire compromising of a husband, a wife and two under fives. We strongly believe that we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle and with just a few small changes that don't literally or figuratively cost the Earth have an impact on protecting it for future generations.

Our Mission

To bring sustainable homeware, kitchenware, health and beauty products to as many homes in the UK as possible whilst spreading the word on what we can all do to protect our planet a little bit more. 

Our Story

2020 has been a year like no other, it's made us stop and think. Extreme weather, forest fires and a global pandemic have forced us all to look at what really matters. 

During the biggest lockdown the world has ever seen everything ground to a halt to save lives and protect our health services but it's not the only thing that ended up being helped during the course of the pandemic.

Air quality improved, nature flourished and started to return where it hadn’t been seen for many years and so many of us found pleasure in the simple and slower ways of life. 

And this got us thinking.....what can we learn from lockdown? How can we all live a more sustainable lifestyle all the time? Sitting around the kitchen table we noticed that the plates, bowls and cups which were being used on a daily basis by our young family were all plastic and to what cost? 
A search through the usual big retailers came up short with alternative options. A search on the “one stop shopping site for everything from A-Z” returned countless items and then we thought what about those people who don’t want to use the major big label stores but want to support the little guys.

So here we are, this is us. Enjoy

Chris, Steph & the kids.