Foldable Shopping Bag

This Foldable Shopping Bag folds up into a small circular pouch for easy storage. Featuring a fun and colorful Zebra design. Made from recycled plastic. It's the perfect handbag essential as it folds up easily into a circular pouch connected to the bag and with a drawstring toggle. 

Keep your shopping bag close by as, with its handy clip. The Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag can easily be attached to a belt, pocket, or another bag so that it never gets forgotten on a trip to the shops.

  • This Foldable Shopping Bag makes it even easier to say no to throw away plastic bags. Part of the Eco Animals collection by Toucan Gifts.
  • The Foldable Shopping Bag folds into a small circular pouch with a drawstring toggle keeping it tucked away when not in use.